Excursions and events

Amalfi Coast offers a complete holiday experience: mountain trails, to discover hidden sights, boat trips and kayaking, to see the coast from the sea, or a cultural experience to discover the rich history of our land.

Trekking the Amalfi Coast

L’Arabesco is located in a strategic position to reach the famous Vallone delle Ferriere, protected area where is possible to admire Mediterranean vegetation and splendid examples of Woodwardia radicans, a giant fern of the Tertiary that can reach a height of 1.80 m. Following the path you will reach the waterfalls of Canneto torrent. Along the trail, there are the ancient ironworks, which gives the valley its name and there are also the mills that produced the famous handmade paper of Amalfi. Finally at Paper Mill Museum in Amalfi, you’ll discover how to make hand-made paper. Little known, but no less fascinating is the walk to Madonna dei Fuondi shrine, which offers a spectacular high viewpoint of the Coast. A pleasant walk at sunset could you finally bring on the ruins of the ancient castrum Pogerola, few steps far from l’Arabesco. With the expert guides of Amalfi Outdoor Experience you can enjoy the Coast from different points of view, through their guided tours designed to offer an unforgettable experience even to the less experienced!

Coastal roundtrip

Don’t forget that the Amalfi Coast is famous for its beautiful beaches set in the rock. We can organize your trip on Amalfi coast sea. L’Arabesco is only 20 minutes from the pier, where you can decide how to live your experience on the sea of Amalfi. A classic and comfortable trip by boat or an alternative kayak tour during which you’ll discover all the inlets of the coast from a totally unexpected perspective. You will discover hidden ravines, sea caves and fjords that are unreachable with big and noisy motorboats. Amalfi Coast Sea Kayak is an established reference point for maritime tourism, becoming a must for all visitors of the Amalfi Coast. Their team of professional kayakers will lead you on an unforgettable journey along the most beautiful Italian coastline.

If what you are looking for is a more classic experience, with the comfort and elegance of typical local boats, then a boat tour is the solution for you. With Sailing Amalfi Coast, Umberto will be happy to guide you among hidden beaches, on the traces of the mythical mermaids and on the crystalline sea of ​​the first Maritime Republic.

With Cruise & Snorkel Amalfi Coast all boat & snorkeling tours are led by certified local captains and guides who will provide information about the attractions and cover the history, traditions and cultural significance of the Amalfi Coast. Their trips include breaks along the way to go snorkeling and swimming at beaches and grottoes reachable only by the sea.

Amalfi, history and myth

Testimony of the glorious past of the Maritime Republic, founded in 839, are first recognizable in the famous Amalfi Tables, maritime code now on display in the museum of the ancient Arsenal of the Republic. In the Middle Age this built was the Amalfi’s shipyard. Here they built ships that guaranteed famous victories (for example the victory in the Battle of Ostia, against the Arabs in 849). The historical Regatta is the celebratory event of the four Maritime Republics, which take place every year in June in a different republic: Amalfi, Pisa, Genova and Venezia. During this historical and sportive reenactment, the Republic’s crews compete on their galleys. The historic parade complete the event. Cathedral is the monument that more than any other testifies to the numerous trade and cultural relations entertained by the ancient Republic, because it is the result of a mix of Arab and Norman style. The cathedral consists of two building, the oldest of which dates back to the sixth century. The cathedral si dedicated to St. Andrews, of which preserves the bones. The saint is celebrated on 30th November and the occurrence of the miracle worked by him is celebrated on 27th June. Finally, festivals are a great way to learn about local food culture. Each country of Amalfi Coast organize a typical festival and larger towns have a calendar with a large number of this kind of events. L’Arabesco is located a short way from Pogerola square, which every summer “Festival of Pumpkins and Zucchini” is organized.

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